5 Reasons Why I Love My Black Cat

Ninja Cat Strikes Again!

It’s so hard to choose from the many reasons why I love him, but here are my top five:-

  1. He has natural born Ninja skills.
  2. He has awesome night time invisibility skills.
  3. Black is always in fashion – he’s an automatic accessory.
  4. He has an awesome built in Halloween costume.
  5. Very easy to clean – he doesn’t show the dirt!

I could go on, but I won’t. Obviously the main reason is that he is adorable, in a very grouchy, bad-tempered fashion. He obviously copied all my character traits!


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

  • Too much shandy again!

    Too much shandy again!

  • I am absolutely, morbidly, terrified of moths. Horrid things with woman eating fangs, 20ft wing spans and a penchant for dive bombing me. I have been terrified of them since I was around 6 years old, when I couldn’t sleep one night and lay there watching a moth flutter about in the moonlight. ‘How pretty,’ I thought. Then it dived down and got tangled in my very long hair. I couldn’t get it out and got into a right old panic! I am now convinced that they are conspiring to murder me in my sleep.
  • I have snogged Colin Firth! And yes, I do mean the actor. Many (many) years ago when I was 16 and living in Southampton, my older brother was at college with him. I went out with my brother and his group of friends a few times and Colin and I hooked up a couple of times and had a good old snog. We didn’t really click though, so nothing came of it. Sigh! If only I had known!
  • I am not overweight, I am undertall. I should have been about 6ft tall, but smoking in my teens stunted my growth considerably. (This is my excuse for being such a short arse) My weight reflects what it should have been if I had grown to my full, original¬†intended height.
  • I love knitting and spinning. I think it is the bees knees. Does make my old hands ache these days and my knees can’t press the treadle on my wheel for very long anymore, but I do have fun with it. My sock making skills are famed throughout the land! When my daughter and her friends were going off to University I sat and knitted them all some nice, thick, woolly socks and ended up taking orders for more. I still get hints occasionally when they come to visit my daughter.
  • I cannot drink alcohol. I do try, but I am very unsuccessful. Last time I tried I had a very small glass of Baileys and had to be put to bed. The world was spinning. Fast. I did try half a shandy many years ago and only managed to drink half of it before I got the giggles. I love schnapps, but it doesn’t love me. One shot is all I can manage before the room is spinning again and I am bedwards bound. At least I don’t have to spend too much money to have some fun. Nowadays I try to avoid alcohol altogether¬†and just enjoy laughing at everyone else when they are tiddled. Much more fun than a spinning room.

The last few months!

Phew, what a busy time! We have been doing up the house, ready to sell it. Lots of repairs were carried out – things I had been nagging for himself to do for months/years! The kitchen lights were fixed, the sitting room lights were sorted out, the flat roof had the leak stopped, at last! The dripping taps were taken care off too. Finally got the house just right and then it was put on the market. Luckily we had a few viewings and a young couple came back twice and put in an offer. Having accepted, we then spent several days traipsing all over Shropshire and parts of Worcestershire until we finally found the perfect home. Our offer to them was accepted and we went home tired but happy. However, four weeks later I was getting a bit suspicious as nothing seemed to be moving forward, plus the house we were buying was still being marketed on various house sale sites, without the STC sticker in the corner. My fears proved right when we got a call saying they had got a better offer by ¬£5,000 and had accepted that instead. Upset and furious, we refused to better that offer and went to find somewhere else. Another trip to Shropshire later, several viewings that had us wiping our feet on the way out, several that had us in hysterics and a couple that were just plain depressing, we came across a house in a little village just 5 miles from Mum’s house, which was even better, as the first house had been 45 miles away. However, this house had not been touched since it was built 65 years ago, so needs a lot of work doing to it, especially the kitchen. but it means we can get it done the way we want it right from the start, so we are very happy with it. Our offer was accepted and we hope, all things being considered and it all goes through this time, to move in about 5-6 weeks. I predict a very hectic time ahead of us. Bye bye Boston!