Less of me…

no_cake-300pxHaving decided that Summer was on its way (yeah, I know, even I can get it wrong sometimes. Or all of the time.) I thought how nice it would be to be able to squeeze into a few of my old summer clothes. So I joined a local slimming group. Let’s call it, say, Thinning World. You know the one. Actually, I was really pleasantly surprised. The group is full of really lovely people and the group consultant is a hilarious and very welcoming, warm person. I say, person, I mean man. He is lovely. And the diet itself is amazing. Just follow the programme and you lose weight. Sounds easy, and it is. I haven’t eaten so much food for years. Some of those lovely meals I mentioned earlier? They are from the SW cookery books and website. I have lost loads of weight and feel much better than I have in years. So, I had a lovely pair of smart trousers that I hadn’t been able to squeeze into for a long time and, having lost a bit of weight and found some of my clothes were getting loose, I thought I would try them on. I was GUTTED! They not only did up but then they fell down. However, some of those old summer clothes I mentioned? Fitted like a dream. Yay! Now, about the time my now very loose knickers fell down, you don’t want to hear that story…


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