My culinary skills, or lack thereof…

food-leif-lodahl-01-300pxSo there we were. No cooker, no kitchen and no endless funds for endless takeaways.The cooker out on the front yard having been condemned by the gasman. Just a microwave oven and a very, empty, tummy. I did what I should probably have been doing long ago but couldn’t be arsed to do. I looked in a cookery book. Sharp intake of breath! Well, I had no idea you could cook so many things in the microwave. Loads of stuff. Even whole meals. And from scratch. So that was the first couple of nights sorted. After we got sick of my entire repertoire of one meal, a single burner camping stove was discovered, along with my previously well hidden (for which read ,Packed) slow cooker. Yay! The wherewithal to make further dishes! Not sure if my family was relieved or filled with further trepidation. Also, not sure if I wanted to ask them or get a reply! However, with a little light reading (aka plowing through various cookery books previously unopened) I managed to find a few meals I could make using just one pan, or just the slow cooker, or a combination of both with the use of the microwave thrown in for good measure. Having to actually think about what I could cook, how I could cook it, how I could convert the recipe and so on, meant that, instead of the usual burnt offerings from having been thrown in the oven as a last minute thought, I was actually producing some quite nice meals. Some were even really nice. My family went from longing for a new kitchen to considering not having one at all for fear that I might go back to my old ways – which, of course, I did as soon as the new kitchen was in situ. Ah well, they say all good things have to come to an end. Burnt offerings it is then. Although, apparently, golden black is not a colour…


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