A new discovery!

So, there I was, cooking away, in my usual flustered manner. I am not a happy cook, it does not come naturally to me, unlike my brothers who are both brilliant cooks. Mostly I cook everything to a lovely golden black. Chernobyled, as my family would say. A quick stir with my wooden spatula and everything seemed to be fine. Looking around for my usual spare saucer to put said wooden utensil on, rather than my nice clean work surface, I panicked and just lay it across the top of the pan whilst I went to answer the phone. Another opinion poll. I gave my opinion – that the call was intrusive not a daily requirement, thank you very much (the next time they ring I will be less polite) then returned rapidly to the kitchen, remembering that I had left the pan on full heat. Totally convinced that it would have boiled over everywhere by now I was astonished to find that, yes, it was bubbling up to the top of the pan, but on reaching the wooden spatula, it stopped it’s journey and didn’t go over! Having had a quick google, I discovered that this is a REAL THING! (Yes, I do have better things to do but nothing more interesting. How sad.) So from now on my pan will be my spoon rest; saves getting a saucer and the cooker dirty. Can’t complain at that!


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