5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

  • Too much shandy again!

    Too much shandy again!

  • I am absolutely, morbidly, terrified of moths. Horrid things with woman eating fangs, 20ft wing spans and a penchant for dive bombing me. I have been terrified of them since I was around 6 years old, when I couldn’t sleep one night and lay there watching a moth flutter about in the moonlight. ‘How pretty,’ I thought. Then it dived down and got tangled in my very long hair. I couldn’t get it out and got into a right old panic! I am now convinced that they are conspiring to murder me in my sleep.
  • I have snogged Colin Firth! And yes, I do mean the actor. Many (many) years ago when I was 16 and living in Southampton, my older brother was at college with him. I went out with my brother and his group of friends a few times and Colin and I hooked up a couple of times and had a good old snog. We didn’t really click though, so nothing came of it. Sigh! If only I had known!
  • I am not overweight, I am undertall. I should have been about 6ft tall, but smoking in my teens stunted my growth considerably. (This is my excuse for being such a short arse) My weight reflects what it should have been if I had grown to my full, original intended height.
  • I love knitting and spinning. I think it is the bees knees. Does make my old hands ache these days and my knees can’t press the treadle on my wheel for very long anymore, but I do have fun with it. My sock making skills are famed throughout the land! When my daughter and her friends were going off to University I sat and knitted them all some nice, thick, woolly socks and ended up taking orders for more. I still get hints occasionally when they come to visit my daughter.
  • I cannot drink alcohol. I do try, but I am very unsuccessful. Last time I tried I had a very small glass of Baileys and had to be put to bed. The world was spinning. Fast. I did try half a shandy many years ago and only managed to drink half of it before I got the giggles. I love schnapps, but it doesn’t love me. One shot is all I can manage before the room is spinning again and I am bedwards bound. At least I don’t have to spend too much money to have some fun. Nowadays I try to avoid alcohol altogether and just enjoy laughing at everyone else when they are tiddled. Much more fun than a spinning room.

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