Nom noms!

Well, I had some left over natural yoghurt. If you can call almost a large tub leftovers. And I had a handful of blueberries, picked from the plant outside on my patio. Mmmmm. What shall I do with them that’s different? Being a bit fed up with having plain yoghurt with any old fruit chucked in, (hence it was leftover and rapidly approaching its sell by date),I wanted to do something else, but wasn’t sure what. I went through a few ideas but nothing appealed. Then a light bulb pinged on above my head!

‘How about some frozen yoghurt?’ my brain said to me. ‘That way you don’t have to rush to eat it before it goes off!’ What a great idea! So I quickly whizzed the blueberries in the blender to make a semi-smooth gunk mix. Then I added it to the yoghurt, swirled in some maple syrup, whisked it up and stuck it in the freezer. It froze really well and a week later, it tasted lovely. And there’s a huge tub of it for when I need some more. Yay! Now to have a go at making some ice cream!


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