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Change of Plan!

The A363 module is over and done with. Just waiting for the results, due out next month. So I have spent the past couple of weeks relaxing, reading for enjoyment and wondering why my brain feels so mushed! Due to a distinct lack of inspiration, for want of a better word, I have not written anything since the module finished a month ago. Plus the fact that I have another blog that I use for my writing, this one was beginning to feel a bit left out. That said, I decided today to change things about a little and am going to devote this one to all things other than my writing! Let the other one feel the shame of it instead! So, hopefully, all being well, I should be posting a few more things from now on, non-writing related, possibly to do with saving the pennies, possibly about anything at all, maybe even what was on TV last night. (what was on TV last night?). Hope it proves interesting to someone and is an improvement on before. x


Quick Tip: Categorizing “Uncategorized”

The Daily Post

When it comes to organizing your site’s content, categories set the foundation. You can use category pages to group related content together, giving you the flexibility to spruce up the structure of your site or even explore multiple topics within a single blog.

However, focusing on content, design, and building up your following generally takes precedence when starting a new site. With all those tasks to focus on, it’s easy for categories and organizing your content to take a backseat.

By default, any new post you publish on your site will be added to the built-in Uncategorized category. As your site grows and you want to take advantage of different features like category pages or the Categories Widget, you’ll want to spruce up those category listings.

Pro-tip: the Uncategorized category cannot be deleted, but you can change the default category for your site. To do so, head over to your Settings →…

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Beat Back the Blogging Blues

Food for thought!

The Daily Post

The blogging wells run dry for us all from time to time. There’s regular ol’ “I can’t think of anything to say” writer’s block, when you want to blog but can’t — we’ve written about that before. And then there’s a deeper sense of blogging ennui, when you don’t even want to log in and wonder if it’s time to throw in the blogging towel.

It might be the right time to call it quits; there’s no rule that blogs have to be eternal or that you always need to blog in the same place, and it might be time to close one chapter and start something else. But it might just be the kind of lull we all experience in long-term projects; in all things, from work to parenting to creative pursuits to our favorite TV shows, our enthusiasm waxes and wanes.

Here are six ways to push through the wane and…

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