Time passes so quickly!

It seems so long since I have been able to pop in here and write something. Probably because it is! Crikey! I know I have been busy, but this has got to be the longest gap ever.

What have I been up to? Well, Xmas came and went, with more of a fizzle than a bang. We had our usual, very quiet time, with just the 3 of us – me, himself and the daughter, but that is exactly how we like it. The son was busy working where he lives and couldn’t get time off to come home for a visit. He works in a hospital and had the Xmas day shift. Not that he didn’t have fun, apparently he had a great day and the money was good to boot!

New Year came and went too. I spent the evening working on my course. Himself spent the evening playing games on the computer and the daughter spent the evening chatting (texting) to her friends and writing on her laptop. She is also into creative writing and is also studying with the OU, doing a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. She has recently joined one of the FB groups called The Write Club which has recently started up and is a forum for writers to do all things writerly! As I was already a member when she joined it occurred to me that in the future I was going to need to watch what I am saying!

After that followed loads of OU work, various family birthdays, including my own, and the sad event of my beloved little dog getting a really aggressive cancer and she had to be put to sleep. That was a month ago and I am still very sad, as is the rest of the family. Even Tom, the cat, is missing her, although he does get the opportunity to curl up on my lap a bit more often, without a huge paw descending on him to budge him out of the way. That’s my mummy! as Gizzy, my little dog, would say. She was really Gizmo, but we always called her Gizzy. Or dumbass. She was really daft at times, kept us in stitches most days with her daft antics.

Currently, I am just finishing off my latest assignment –  a week late already and I am struggling to find the motivation to get it finished. Hence, I have taken a break to do a catch up in here.Hopefully, by the time I have finished I will feel more like it. Feeling rather naughty, taking time out when I should be working. Ah well, nobody is going to tell tales on me, are they? He he he.


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