A363 Advanced Creative Writing – Open University

So far, I have mostly enjoyed my part-time degree with the Open University. It does keep me very busy at the moment as I am doing a level 3 module, so I don’t have much time for anything else, including blogging! However, it is a Sunday morning and it’s not raining for once, so I am happy to take a few minutes here.

At the moment, I am waiting for the results of my first assignment. A few other people in my tutor group have already received theirs so I am waiting anxiously for mine to arrive. I have a sneaky feeling my effort was really bad and that’s why mine hasn’t been returned yet – my tutor has either thrown it away in disgust or has been sat staring at it in disbelief that anyone could write such utter tripe! Being a level 3 module means that there is a lot more work than on the lower levels, obviously, but also that the marking is a lot stricter, so I am not expecting a high grade this time. Also, I am still waiting to see what exactly it is that my tutor looks for in an assignment. Fingers crossed I manage to work it out before the next assignment is due.

At some stage, I will have a sort out of my files and find some of my work from last years module – A215 Creative Writing – and post some of it on here. Only the half decent ones, of course! Ah well, back to the grindstone! Loads of work to do and no time to do it!


One thought on “A363 Advanced Creative Writing – Open University

  1. Hopefully you get the results you needed! I studied “English for Academic Purposes” last year with the OU. Some stages were pretty tough but I made it through – please do share your work with us here though.


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