Totally perplexed!

Trying to find my way around this site and find out how to customise my blog is just such hard work! Being a total technophobe makes life very difficult for me. I do not understand how to work most of the recent and new technology. It is a pain.

Mobile phones (cell phones) are my biggest bug bear. I have friends who were completely dumbfounded when, on asking me for my number, I told them that I didn’t have a mobile phone! I was in a room full of people at the time and it suddenly went completely silent as people turned to look at me in shock.

‘How do you manage? How do you cope? I have my whole life on my phone and would be lost without it!’ they said. Exactly! If I put all my important stuff on a phone and lost it (highly likely for me) I would never be able to remember any of it, so it is not a good idea for me. Plus, I can never work out how to operate them, despite reading the manual a dozen times. Also, having stumpy little fingers makes using touch phones a bit of a nightmare!

I have since been given a very old phone by my hubby – it is a bit of a brick, but at least it is easy to use. It only makes calls and sends texts. Now if I could only work out how to do texts…


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